Charleville 1 Breska Rovers 3

Scorer Chloe Keogh 

Charleville fell to a third defeat in a row in the build up to a new league campaign. Unfortunately squad numbers have been very hard due to players having commitments to GAA, etc and it has hampered the Ladies progression and development this season so far. Breska started well and had plenty of ball possession in the middle of the park. They made all this count midway through the first half when a lifted shot hit the crossbar and white line before the ref gave the goal for passing the white line. Breska got there second from the penalty spot.

Charleville picked it up in the second half but a third goal for Breska gave them so well deserved day light in the game. Chloe Keogh finished off a superb effort to get one goal back for the home side before the final whistle.