Murroe 6 Charleville AFC 3

Scorers Noah Finn 2 and Charlie O’Mahony 1

On Saturday we took the trip to Murroe where we started the match strong. Unfortunately, two well-placed goals in quick succession from the opposition upset our stride a little and we found ourselves 4-0 down at half time. A regroup in the break, and a few positional changes saw us come back fighting in the second half. Two great goals from Noah Finn, one from the penalty spot, were a big boost and, despite a serious change in the weather leading to downpours, we continued dominating throughout the second half, with strong mid field play and another great goal, this time from Charlie O’Mahony. Unfortunately, this was not enough to bring us level, and 2 more goals from a strong Murroe side left the final score 6-3, which does not quite reflect how close the game was played. Well played lads, ye showed great teamwork and stamina.