Week 6 results

Everyone guessed correctly in week 5. 6 people remain in contention for the €300 jackpot. Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
1Aaron MoffattChelseaWest HamMan UtdLiverpoolTottenham HotspurMan City
2Jim MorrisseyLeeds UnitedChelseaMan UtdMan CityTottenham HotspurLeicester 
3Jody foley Tottenham ChelseaMan UtdLiverpoolWest HamMan City
4Roy Finucane Chelsea Manchester CityMan UtdLiverpoolTottenham HotspurLeicester 
5Shane O HaraChelseaManchester City Man UtdLiverpoolTottenham HotspurLeicester 
6Tony GilbertChelseaManchester CityMan UtdLiverpoolTottenham HotspurLeicester 

Week 5 results

13 players drop out of the competition in week 5. This weeks entries must be in before Friday 12th March @ 6.30pm

Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

 NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4 Week 5
1Aaron MoffattChelseaWest HamMan UtdLiverpoolTottenham Hotspur
2Adam CastleTottenhamChelsea Man CityLiverpoolArsenal
3Clement Hehir Leeds United Chelsea Man UtdTottenhamLiverpool
4Darragh McCarthy Spurs Arsenal *Man UtdAston Villa*Liverpool
5Desmond O’Neill TottenhamChelseaMan UtdMan CityLiverpool
6Emma Shine LeedsChelseaMan CityTottenhamLiverpool
7Eoin CoughlanTottenhamChelseaLeciesterMan CityArsenal
8Jason O HaraTottenhamChelsea Man UtdMan CityArsenal
9Jim MorrisseyLeeds UnitedChelseaMan UtdMan CityTottenham Hotspur
10Jody foley Tottenham ChelseaMan UtdLiverpoolWest Ham
11Martin ward Chelsea ArsenalMan UtdTottenhamLiverpool
12Mick Buckley TottenhamChelseaMan UtdLiverpoolArsenal
13Niall Corcoran Tottenham HotspurChelsea Man UtdMan CityLiverpool
14Rebecca Donegan Tottenham Chelsea Man UtdEvertonLiverpool
15Richard O Hara Chelsea Manchester City Man UtdTottenhamLiverpool
16Roy Finucane Chelsea Manchester CityMan UtdLiverpoolTottenham Hotspur
17Shane CareyChelseaManchester CityMan UtdTottenhamArsenal
18Shane O HaraChelseaManchester City Man UtdLiverpoolTottenham Hotspur
19Tony GilbertChelseaManchester CityMan UtdLiverpoolTottenham Hotspur

Week 4 results

1 player drops out of the competition in week 4. This weeks entries must be in before Saturday 6th March @ 11am

Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Aaron MoffattChelseaWest HamMan UtdLiverpool
Adam CastleTottenhamChelsea Man CityLiverpool
Clement Hehir Leeds United Chelsea Man UtdTottenham
Darragh McCarthy Spurs Arsenal *Man UtdAston Villa*
Desmond O’Neill TottenhamChelseaMan UtdMan City
Emma Shine LeedsChelseaMan CityTottenham
Eoin CoughlanTottenhamChelseaLeciesterMan City
Jason O HaraTottenhamChelsea Man UtdMan City
Jim MorrisseyLeeds UnitedChelseaMan UtdMan City
Jody foley Tottenham ChelseaMan UtdLiverpool
John O SullivanTottenhamChelseaMan UtdWolves
Martin ward Chelsea ArsenalMan UtdTottenham
Mick Buckley TottenhamChelseaMan UtdLiverpool
Niall Corcoran Tottenham HotspurChelsea Man UtdMan City
Rebecca Donegan Tottenham Chelsea Man UtdEverton
Richard O Hara Chelsea Manchester City Man UtdTottenham
Roy Finucane Chelsea Manchester CityMan UtdLiverpool
Shane CareyChelseaManchester CityMan UtdTottenham
Shane O HaraChelseaManchester City Man UtdLiverpool
Tony GilbertChelseaManchester CityMan UtdLiverpool

Week 3 results

5 players drop out of the competition in week 3. Man Utd’s win over Newcastle ensured the majority of our entries made it through to week 4. This weeks entries must be in before Saturday 27th @ 11am

Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3
10031 out (69)44 Out (25)5 drop out 
1Aaron MoffattChelseaWest HamMan Utd
2Adam CastleTottenhamChelsea Man City
3Bernadette CroninManchester CityArsenal Chelsea
4Chloe ward Tottenham Manchester cityArsenal
5Clement Hehir Leeds United Chelsea Man Utd
6Darragh McCarthy Spurs Arsenal Man Utd
7Desmond O’Neill TottenhamChelseaMan Utd
8Dominic FoleyAston VillaArsenal Brighton
9Eamon FitzgeraldNewcastle ChelseaBurnley
10Emma Shine LeedsChelseaMan City
11Eoin CoughlanTottenhamChelseaLeciester
12Jason O HaraTottenhamChelsea Man Utd
13Jim MorrisseyLeeds UnitedChelseaMan Utd
14Jody foley Tottenham ChelseaMan Utd
15John O SullivanTottenhamChelseaMan Utd
16Martin ward Chelsea ArsenalMan Utd
17Mick Buckley TottenhamChelseaMan Utd
18Niall Corcoran Tottenham HotspurChelsea Man Utd
19Nora O ConnorLeedsArsenal Aston Villa
20Rebecca Donegan Tottenham Chelsea Man Utd
21Richard O Hara Chelsea Manchester City Man Utd
22Roy Finucane Chelsea Manchester CityMan Utd
23Shane CareyChelseaManchester CityMan Utd
24Shane O HaraChelseaManchester City Man Utd
25Tony GilbertChelseaManchester CityMan Utd

Week 2 results

Man Utd and Everton selections are the biggest casualties in week 2 of Last One Standing.

Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameWeek 1Week 2
1Aaron Fitzgerald Chelsea Everton 
2Aaron MoffattChelseaWest Ham
3Adam CastleTottenhamChelsea 
4Bernadette CroninManchester CityArsenal
5Cathal Fitzgibbon morrissey ChelseaEverton
6Chloe ward Tottenham Manchester city
7Chris WhiticombeChelseaMAN UTD
8Ciarain CareySpursMan United 
9Clement Hehir Leeds United Chelsea 
10Daire McKennaTottenhamMan United 
11Daniel JonesTottenhamEverton
12Daniel o learyLeeds Man Utd
13Danny hourigan ChelseaEverton 
14Danny McNamara Chelsea man utd
15Darragh McCarthy Spurs Arsenal
16David o Callaghan Tottenham Manchester United 
17Denis MortellChelseaMan utd
18Derek O ConnorChelseaMan Utd
19Desmond O’Neill TottenhamChelsea
20Dom KavanaghTottenham Everton 
21Dominic FoleyAston VillaArsenal
22Eamon FitzgeraldNewcastle Chelsea
23Emma Shine LeedsChelsea
24Eoghan BuckleyTottenhamEverton
25Eoin CoughlanTottenhamChelsea
26Gary wardTottenham Man United 
27Gavin MullinsChelsea Manchester United 
28Geoff WatsonSpursMan united
29Gerry Coffey Newcastle Liverpool
30Helen O SullivanChelseaManchester United
31James Morrissey ChelseaMan united 
32Jamie Moloney Tottenham Manchester United 
33Jason O HaraTottenhamChelsea 
34Jim MorrisseyLeeds UnitedChelsea
35Jody foley Tottenham Chelsea
36John MortellTottenham Everton
37John O HaraChelsea Manchester Utd 
38John O SullivanTottenhamChelsea
39John Walsh Chelsea Manchester United 
40Kevin Buckley ChelseaMan Utd
41Kieran CareyTottenham Everton 
42Liam FitzgibbonChelseaEverton
43Martin McKennaChelseaEverton.
44Martin ward Chelsea Arsenal
45Mick Buckley TottenhamChelsea
46Mick MullinsTottenhamEverton
47Mick the ChipLeedsMan Utd
48Niall Corcoran Tottenham HotspurChelsea 
49Nora O ConnorLeedsArsenal
50Pat O Hara ChelseaMan Utd
51Patrick O’LearyTottenhamEverton
52Peter HayesTottenhamManchester utd
53Rebecca Donegan Tottenham Chelsea 
54Richard O Hara Chelsea Manchester City 
55Roy Finucane Chelsea Manchester City
56Sean FitzgibbonTottenhamEverton
57Shane CareyChelseaManchester City
58Shane Griffin Tottenham Manchester United 
59Shane O DwyerSpurs Man Utd 
60Shane O HaraChelseaManchester City 
61Shaun o learyChelseaEverton
62Shay Fitzgibbon Tottenham Manchester United 
63Sumit ChawlaTottenhamEverton
64Tadgh O ConnellTottenhamEverton 
65tom hanleyChelsea Man Utd
66Tommy McNamara Chelsea man utd
67Tony GilbertChelseaManchester City
68Valerie O KeeffeTottenham HotspurManchester United
69William Lehane ChelseaLiverpool

Week 1 results

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us in our last one standing fundraiser to help Charleville AFC continue to meet running costs during Covid-19. It’s a small fundraiser but it means a lot to the club. Best of luck to everyone in the weeks ahead. The €300 jackpot is waiting for you. A big thank you to Jason O’Hara for setting up the fundraiser and to Alan Fitzgibbon for all his help.

Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameTeam Selection
1Aaron Fitzgerald Chelsea 
2Aaron MoffattChelsea
3Adam CastleTottenham
4Alan FitzgibbonWest Ham
5Bella O HaraMan Utd
6Bernadette CroninManchester City
7Bill CagneyManchester United 
8Brian Fitzgibbon Manchester United 
9Cathal Fitzgibbon morrissey Chelsea
10Chloe ward Tottenham 
11Chris WhiticombeChelsea
12Ciarain CareySpurs
13Claire o dohertyWest Ham
14Clement Hehir Leeds United 
15Daire McKennaTottenham
16Daniel JonesTottenham
17Daniel o learyLeeds 
18Danny hourigan Chelsea
19Danny McNamara Chelsea 
20Darragh McCarthy Spurs 
21David o Callaghan Tottenham 
22Denis MortellChelsea
23Derek O ConnorChelsea
24Desmond O’Neill Tottenham
25Dom KavanaghTottenham 
26Dominic FoleyAston Villa
27Eamon Dundon Manchester United 
28Edel BarrettWest Ham
29Emma Shine Leeds
30Eoghan BuckleyTottenham
31Eoin CoughlanTottenham
32Eoin O Connor West Ham
33Eugene BowlesManchester United
34Gary wardTottenham 
35Gavin MullinsChelsea 
36Geoff WatsonSpurs
37Ger O’RiordanWest Ham
38Gerry Coffey West Ham 
39Gerry Coffey Newcastle 
40Helen KielyArsenal
41Helen O SullivanChelsea
42James Morrissey Chelsea
43Jamie Moloney Tottenham 
44Jason O HaraTottenham
45Jennifer Doyle Leicester city
46Jim MorrisseyLeeds United
47Jody foley Tottenham 
48John MortellTottenham 
49John O HaraChelsea 
50John O SullivanTottenham
51John Walsh Chelsea 
52Kaylee StapletonLeciester
53Kevin Buckley Chelsea
54Kieran CareyTottenham 
55Liam FitzgibbonChelsea
56Mark Kavanagh Man Utd
57Martin McKennaChelsea
58Martin ward Chelsea 
59Maurice Farrell Leicester 
60Michael KeoghWest Ham
61Mick Buckley Tottenham
62Mick CreganWest Ham
63Mick MullinsTottenham
64Mick the ChipLeeds
65Niall Corcoran Tottenham Hotspur
66Nodlaig FitzgibbonArsenal
67Nora O ConnorLeeds
68Pat O Hara Chelsea
69Patrick O’LearyTottenham
70Paul MoffattWest Ham
71Peter HayesTottenham
72Peter O TooleWest Ham united
73Rebecca Donegan Tottenham 
74Richard O Hara Chelsea 
75Richie gooldMan utd
76Ross FoleyBurnley
77Roy Finucane Chelsea 
78Sean ByrneWest Ham
79Sean FitzgibbonTottenham
80Sean McCormack Manchester UTD
81Shane CareyChelsea
82Shane Griffin Tottenham 
83Shane McAuliffeMan Utd
84Shane O DwyerSpurs 
85Shane O HaraChelsea
86Shaun o learyChelsea
87Shay Fitzgibbon Tottenham 
88Siobhán O’HaraWest Ham 
89Sumit ChawlaTottenham
90Tadgh O ConnellTottenham
91Thomas Hehir West Ham United 
92Tom hanleyChelsea 
93Tommy McNamara Chelsea 
94Tony GilbertChelsea
95Tony GilbertWest Ham
96Valerie O KeeffeTottenham Hotspur
97William Lehane Chelsea
98William O’Toole West Ham 
99William O’Toole Leicester 
100Eamon FitzgeraldNewcastle 

Massive congratulations to Molly Jackman  who scooped the €300 jackpot with yet another correct winning prediction. Best wishes from everyone in Charleville AFC Molly, hard luck to William O Toole  who was very close to taking the contest to another week. A big thank you to everyone who supported us in this fundraiser.