Last Man Standing

Created On: Oct 22, 2020
Last Man Standing week 8 selections/results. Best of luck everyone. Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296


Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Molly Jackman Liverpool Spurs West Ham Man Utd Man City Chelsea Southampton Everton
Pat O Hara Liverpool Chelsea Spurs Everton Man City Leicester City Southampton Everton (REMOVED)
Shane McAuliffe Spurs Chelsea Southampton Everton Man City Liverpool Leicester City Wolves
William O’Toole Crystal Palace Leicester Southampton Chelsea Man City Liverpool Newcastle Everton

Last Man Standing week 7 selections/results. Best of luck everyone. Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7
Molly JackmanLiverpoolSpursWest HamMan UtdMan CityChelseaSouthampton
Pat O HaraLiverpoolChelseaSpursEvertonMan CityLeicester CitySouthampton
Shane McAuliffeSpursChelseaSouthamptonEvertonMan CityLiverpoolLeicester City
William O’TooleCrystal PalaceLeicesterSouthamptonChelseaMan CityLiverpoolNewcastle
Mike MullinsSpursWolvesChelseaMan UtdMan CityLeicesterLiverpool
Ruairi ManningLiverpoolArsenalChelseaMan UtdMan CityLeicester citySpurs

Last Man Standing week 6 selections/results. Best of luck everyone. Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6
Molly JackmanLiverpoolSpursWest HamMan UtdMan CityChelsea
Pat O HaraLiverpoolChelseaSpursEvertonMan CityLeicester City
Shane McAuliffeSpursChelseaSouthamptonEvertonMan CityLiverpool
William O’TooleCrystal PalaceLeicesterSouthamptonChelseaMan CityLiverpool
Mike MullinsSpursWolvesChelseaMan UtdMan CityLeicester
Ruairi ManningLiverpoolArsenalChelseaMan UtdMan CityLeicester city

Last Man Standing week 5 selections/results. Best of luck everyone. Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
1Darragh McCarthyLiverpoolSpursChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
2John JackmanSpursMan CityChelseaWest HamLiverpool
3Molly JackmanLiverpoolSpursWest HamMan UtdMan City
4Tony CurtinSpursLiverpoolChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
5Ciarain CareyLiverpoolTottenhamWest HamMan UtdLeicester City
6Danny O LearyLiverpoolTottenham HotspurChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
7Willie O DonnellLiverpoolSpursChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
8Pat O HaraLiverpoolChelseaSpursEvertonMan City
9James MullinsLiverpoolSpursChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
10Ivan O’DonnellLiverpoolSpursSouthamtonMan UtdLeicester City
11Alan FitzgibbonCrystal PalaceMan CityChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
12Shane McAuliffeSpursChelseaSouthamptonEvertonMan City
13William O’TooleCrystal PalaceLeicesterSouthamptonChelseaMan City
14Mikey MortellSpursMan cityChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
15James morrisseyLiverpoolMan CityChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
16Cathy QuaidSpursManchester cityChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
17#footballguruCrystal PalaceTottenhamWest HamMan UtdLeicester City
18Martin o connorLiverpoolMan cityChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
19Patrick olearySpursMan citySouthamptonEvertonLeicester City
20Dénis MortellLiverpoolChelseaSpursMan UtdLeicester City
21Shane CareyLiverpoolMan CityChelseaMan UtdArsenal
22Shane o HaraSpursManchester CityWest HamChelseaLeicester City
23Mike MullinsSpursWolvesChelseaMan UtdMan City
24Mick The ChipLiverpoolMan CityChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
25tom hanleyLiverpoolman citychelseaMan UtdLeicester City
26Peter O TooleLiverpoolManchester CityChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
27Ben FearnCrystal PalaceManchester CityChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
28Gary wardSpursChelseaWest HamMan UtdLeicester City
29Roy FinucaneSpursLiverpoolChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
30Haulie BurkeLiverpoolMan CitySpursMan UtdLeicester City
31Kevin BuckleyLiverpoolMan citySpursMan UtdLeicester City
32Sandra BoyleLiverpoolTottenham Hotspur FCWest HamMan UtdLeicester City
33Eugene BowlesSpursManchester CityChelseaMan UtdLeicester City
34Aaron moffattSpursArsenalAston VillaEvertonLeicester City
35Ruairi ManningLiverpoolArsenalChelseaMan UtdMan City
36James OBrienCrystal PalaceArsenalAston VillaBrightonLiverpool
37Sam O’Connell LiverpoolArsenalAston VillaBrightonBurnley
38Shane Connolly Crystal PalaceArsenalWest HamEvertonLeicester City

Last Man Standing week 4 selections/results. Best of luck everyone. Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
1Darragh McCarthyLiverpoolSpursChelseaMan Utd
2John JackmanSpursMan CityChelseaWest Ham
3Molly JackmanLiverpoolSpursWest HamMan Utd
4Tony CurtinSpursLiverpoolChelseaMan Utd
5Ciarain CareyLiverpoolTottenhamWest HamMan Utd
6Danny O LearyLiverpoolTottenham HotspurChelseaMan Utd
7Willie O DonnellLiverpoolSpursChelseaMan Utd
8Pat O HaraLiverpoolChelseaSpursEverton
9Nodlaig FitzgibbonLiverpoolSpursLeicesterAston Villa
10Brian FitzgibbonLiverpoolManchester CityChelseaAston Villa
11Liam FitzgibbonLiverpoolChelseaSpursArsenal
12James MullinsLiverpoolSpursChelseaMan Utd
13Ivan O’DonnellLiverpoolSpursSouthamtonMan Utd
14Alan FitzgibbonCrystal PalaceMan CityChelseaMan Utd
15Shane McAuliffeSpursChelseaSouthamptonEverton
16William O’TooleCrystal PalaceLeicesterSouthamptonChelsea
17Sean FitzgibbonLiverpoolTottenhamChelseaAston Villa
18Siobhán O’HaraCrystal PalaceLiverpoolChelseaAston Villa
19Mikey MortellSpursMan cityChelseaMan Utd
20James morrisseyLiverpoolMan CityChelseaMan Utd
21Cathy QuaidSpursManchester cityChelseaMan Utd
22#footballguruCrystal PalaceTottenhamWest HamMan Utd
23Martin o connorLiverpoolMan cityChelseaMan Utd
24Patrick O’ RiordanSpursMan City.ChelseaAston Villa
25Patrick olearySpursMan citySouthamptonEverton
26Dénis MortellLiverpoolChelseaSpursMan Utd
27Liam HoganLiverpoolTottenham HotspurWest HamAston Villa
28Shane CareyLiverpoolMan CityChelseaMan Utd
29Shane o HaraSpursManchester CityWest HamChelsea
30Mike MullinsSpursWolvesChelseaMan Utd
31Mick The ChipLiverpoolMan CityChelseaMan Utd
32Eoghan BuckleyLiverpoolMan CityChelseaAston Villa
33tom hanleyLiverpoolman citychelseaMan Utd
34Peter O TooleLiverpoolManchester CityChelseaMan Utd
35Ben FearnCrystal PalaceManchester CityChelseaMan Utd
36Gary wardSpursChelseaWest HamMan Utd
37Roy FinucaneSpursLiverpoolChelseaMan Utd
38Haulie BurkeLiverpoolMan CitySpursMan Utd
39Kevin BuckleyLiverpoolMan citySpursMan Utd
40Sandra BoyleLiverpoolTottenham Hotspur FCWest HamMan Utd
41Eugene BowlesSpursManchester CityChelseaMan Utd
42Mick CreganLiverpoolArsenalSouthamptonAston Villa
43Desmond O’NeillLiverpoolTottenham hotspurChelseaAston Villa
44Aaron moffattSpursArsenalAston VillaEverton
45Ruairi ManningLiverpoolArsenalChelseaMan Utd
46James OBrienCrystal PalaceArsenalAston VillaBrighton
47Daniel O’Connell LiverpoolArsenalLeicesterAston Villa
48Sam O’Connell LiverpoolArsenalAston VillaBrighton
49Shane Connolly Crystal PalaceArsenalWest HamEverton

Last Man Standing week 3 selections/RESULTS, 18 players have fallen in this round of fixtures, leaving 49 players in the competition for round 4, entries to be submitted by 11am Saturday 21st November. Best of luck everyone.

Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3
1Darragh McCarthyLiverpoolSpursChelsea
2John MortellSpursTottenham HotspurREMOVED
3Geoff WatsonLiverpoolTottenham HotspurArsenal
4Tony WhiteheadLiverpoolTottenhamArsenal
5John JackmanSpursMan CityChelsea
6Molly JackmanLiverpoolSpursWest Ham
7Tony CurtinSpursLiverpoolChelsea
8Ciarain CareyLiverpoolTottenhamWest Ham
9Danny O LearyLiverpoolTottenham HotspurChelsea
10Willie O DonnellLiverpoolSpursChelsea
11Pat O HaraLiverpoolChelseaSpurs
12Nodlaig FitzgibbonLiverpoolSpursLeicester
13Brian FitzgibbonLiverpoolManchester CityChelsea
14Liam FitzgibbonLiverpoolChelseaSpurs
15James MullinsLiverpoolSpursChelsea
16Ivan O’DonnellLiverpoolSpursSouthamton
17Alan FitzgibbonCrystal PalaceMan CityChelsea
18Shane McAuliffeSpursChelseaSouthampton
19William O’TooleCrystal PalaceLeicesterSouthampton
20Fiona MulcahyLeedsWolversBrighton
21Gavin MullinsSpursLiverpoolArsenal
22Sean FitzgibbonLiverpoolTottenhamChelsea
23Siobhán O’HaraCrystal PalaceLiverpoolChelsea
24Mikey MortellSpursMan cityChelsea
25James morrisseyLiverpoolMan CityChelsea
26Amanda CrowleyCrystal PalaceTottenham HotspurArsenal
27Cathy QuaidSpursManchester cityChelsea
28#footballguruCrystal PalaceTottenhamWest Ham
29Martin o connorLiverpoolMan cityChelsea
30Patrick O’ RiordanSpursMan City.Chelsea
31Patrick olearySpursMan citySouthampton
32Dénis MortellLiverpoolChelseaSpurs
33Liam HoganLiverpoolTottenham HotspurWest Ham
34Kieran CareyLiverpoolManchester CityArsenal
35Paul moffattSpursTottenham HotspurREMOVED
36Brian BarrettSpursChelseaArsenal
37Shane CareyLiverpoolMan CityChelsea
38Mark O’ConnellCrystal PalaceSpursArsenal
39Shane o HaraSpursManchester CityWest Ham
40Mike MullinsSpursWolvesChelsea
41Mick The ChipLiverpoolMan CityChelsea
42Eoghan BuckleyLiverpoolMan CityChelsea
43tom hanleyLiverpoolman citychelsea
44Marie DanaherLiverpoolTottenham HotspurArsenal
45Peter O TooleLiverpoolManchester CityChelsea
46Ben FearnCrystal PalaceManchester CityChelsea
47Gary wardSpursChelseaWest Ham
48Roy FinucaneSpursLiverpoolChelsea
49Adam O’ ConnorLiverpoolTottenham hotspurArsenal
50Haulie BurkeLiverpoolMan CitySpurs
51Conor o SullivanSpursLeicesterArsenal
52Kevin BuckleyLiverpoolMan citySpurs
53Sandra BoyleLiverpoolTottenham Hotspur FCWest Ham
54Keenan BurkeLiverpoolSpursArsenal
55Eugene BowlesSpursManchester CityChelsea
56Shaun o learyLiverpoolTottenham hotspurArsenal
57Dylan leeCrystal PalaceChelseaArsenal
58Tadgh O ConnellSpursTottenham hotspurArsenal
59Mick CreganLiverpoolArsenalSouthampton
60Desmond O’NeillLiverpoolTottenham hotspurChelsea
61Aaron moffattSpursArsenalAston Villa
62Ruairi ManningLiverpoolArsenalChelsea
63Eoin CoughlanSpursArsenalLeeds United
64James OBrienCrystal PalaceArsenalAston Villa
65Daniel O’Connell LiverpoolArsenalLeicester
66Sam O’Connell LiverpoolArsenalAston Villa
67Shane Connolly Crystal PalaceArsenalWest Ham

Last Man Standing week 2 selections/RESULTS, all 67 players made it through to week 3, entries for week 3 to be submitted by 4pm on Friday 6th November. Best of luck everyone.

Week 2 Results, Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

 NameTeam Selection Week 2
1Darragh McCarthySpurs
2John MortellTottenham Hotspur
3Geoff WatsonTottenham Hotspur
4Tony WhiteheadTottenham
5John JackmanMan City
6Molly JackmanSpurs
7Tony CurtinLiverpool
8Ciarain CareyTottenham
9Danny O LearyTottenham Hotspur
10Willie O DonnellSpurs
11Pat O HaraChelsea
12Nodlaig FitzgibbonSpurs
13Brian FitzgibbonManchester City
14Liam FitzgibbonChelsea
15James MullinsSpurs
16Ivan O’DonnellSpurs
17Alan FitzgibbonMan City
18Shane McAuliffeChelsea
19William O’TooleLeicester
20Fiona MulcahyWolverhampton wanderers
21Gavin MullinsLiverpool
22Sean FitzgibbonTottenham
23Siobhán O’HaraLiverpool
24Mikey MortellMan city
25James morrisseyMan City
26Amanda CrowleyTottenham Hotspur
27Cathy QuaidManchester city
29Martin o connorMan city
30Patrick O’ RiordanMan City.
31Patrick olearyMan city
32Dénis MortellChelsea
33Liam HoganTottenham Hotspur
34Kieran CareyManchester City
35Paul moffattTottenham Hotspur
36Brian BarrettChelsea
37Shane CareyMan City
38Mark O’ConnellSpurs
39Shane o HaraManchester City
40Mike MullinsWolves
41Mick The ChipMan City
42Eoghan BuckleyMan City
43tom hanleyman city
44Marie DanaherTottenham Hotspur
45Peter O TooleManchester City
46Ben FearnManchester City
47Gary wardChelsea
48Roy FinucaneLiverpool
49Adam O’ ConnorTottenham hotspur
50Haulie BurkeMan City
51Conor o SullivanLeicester
52Kevin BuckleyMan city
53Sandra BpyleTottenham Hotspur FC
54Keenan BurkeSpurs
55Eugene BowlesManchester City
56Shaun o learyTottenham hotspur
57Dylan leeChelsea
58Tadgh O ConnellTottenham hotspur
59Mick CreganArsenal
60Desmond O’NeillTottenham hotspur
61Aaron moffattArsenal
62Ruairi ManningArsenal
63Eoin CoughlanArsenal
64James OBrienArsenal
65Daniel O’Connell Arsenal
66Sam O’Connell Arsenal
67Shane Connolly Arsenal

Last Man Standing week 1 selections/results

Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

Join Last Man Standing for a chance to win big!

A little fundraiser for Charleville AFC, Last man standing – A little support would go a long way.

Can you be the last person standing in Charleville AFC competition. Pick a team each week and if they win you continue in the competition and all for just €10.

Closing date is TOMORROW Friday 23rd Oct at 6pm before Aston Villa and Leeds kick off the weekend.

Use the link in your confirmation email to enter you team for week 1. This is the same account our members have used for registering players this season. Use the same login details from your account on the link below. If your not already a member setting up an account is easy and completed in minutes. Entry is only €10 and you would be supporting Charleville AFC with some much needed income.

Charleville AFC has members not just from the town but also from Ballyhea, Newtown, Dromina, Ballyagran, Bruree, Effin Kilmallock, Buttevant and so much more all representing the club. A little support would go a long way to helping us. Who will be the last person standing? Enter and find out.

Any questions please contact Jason O’Hara on 087 643 6296

A big thank you to everyone who entered the Charleville AFC last man standing competition, your support is very much appreciated.

Best of luck to all who entered, who will pick up the €300 jackpot.

 Player NameWeek 1
1Kevin Buckley Liverpool
2Jason O HaraManchester City
3Darragh McCarthy Liverpool 
4Kevin Laffan Man City 
5Mick the chipLiverpool
6Paul MoffattSpurs
7Sean FitzgibbonLiverpool
8Siobhán O’HaraCrystal Palace 
9Brian Fitzgibbon Liverpool 
10John JackmanTottenham Hotspur
11Molly JackmanLiverpool
12Gavin MullinsTottenham Hotspur
13Timmy StokesWolves
14Tony CurtinSpurs
15Liam FitzgibbonLiverpool
16Nodlaig FitzgibbonLiverpool
17James MullinsLiverpool
18Shane McAuliffeSpurs
19Alan FitzgibbonCrystal Palace
20Roy FinucaneTottenham Hotspur
21Adam Castle Brighton 
22John MortellTottenham Hotspur 
23Richard O HaraBrighton 
24Tom Hanley Liverpool
25Derek O ConnorManchester City
26Geoff WatsonLiverpool 
27David O’ConnellManchester City
28Ryan BrennanBrighton
29Steve o Sullivan Aston villa 
30Ross FoleyWolves
31Brian BarrettSpurs 
32Mikey Mortell Tottenham 
33Darren ButlerBrighton
34Fiona Mulcahy Leeds
35Tony WhiteheadLiverpool 
36Mark O’ConnellCrystal Palace
37Aaron moffattTottenham hotspur
38Gary Ward Tottenham 
39Mike MullinsSpurs
40Willie O DonnellLiverpool 
41Eugene Bowles Tottenham Hotspur
42Ian ronanWolves
43Desmond O’NeillLiverpool 
44Turlough O’NeillManchester City 
45Patrick O’ RiordanTottenham Hotspur
46William O’Toole Crystal palace 
47#footballguruCrystal Palace 
48Marie DanaherLiverpool
49Dominic FoleyWolverhampton
50Ivan O’DonnellLiverpool
51Danny O LearyLiverpool 
52Martin o connorLiverpool
53Ben FearnCrystal Palace
54Sean FearnEverton
55Jack BarryMan City
56Liam HoganLiverpool
57Haulie Burke Liverpool 
58Keenan Burke Liverpool 
59Dylan LeeCrystal Palace 
61Bryan ConnollyBrighton
62Jamie Walsh Wolves
63Ruairi ManningLiverpool
64Patrick o LearyTottenham
65Paul GoodisonWest Ham
66Shane CareyLiverpool
67Stephen LonerganMan city
68Mick CreganLiverpool
69James morrisseyLiverpool
70Ciarain Carey Liverpool 
71Eoghan BuckleyLiverpool
72Adam o connorLiverpool
73Tadgh O ConnellSpurs
74Eoin CoughlanTottenham Hotspur
75Brian O ConnellBrighton
76Peter O TooleLiverpool
77James OBrienCrystal Palace 
78Kieran CareyLiverpool 
79Andrew HouriganEverton 
80Conor o Sullivan Spurs 
81Martin MurphyEverton
82Sandra BoyleLiverpool
83Dylan LeeCrystal Palace 
84Ruby CrowleyCrystal Palace
85Denis Waters Brighton 
86Cathy Quaid Tottenham hotspur 
87Rebecca Donegan Manchester city 
88Daniel O’Connell Liverpool 
89Sam O’Connell Liverpool 
90Eileen Quealey O’Connell Everton
91Denis MortellLiverpool 
92Shaun o leary Liverpool
93Shane o Hara Tottenham Hotspur 
94Shane Connolly Crystal palace 
95Pat O Hara Liverpool
96Tommy McNamara Everton 
97Mark cagneyEverton 
98Shane O SullivanEverton

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Pat Sheehan
Hi Lads, Any hope someone could put names on attached please? ... See MoreSee Less
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Charleville Afc
First off a big thank you to Alan Fitzgibbon for his help in promoting our first "last one standing" competition of the 20/21 season with organiser Jason O' Hara. That competition finished up just after Christmas when Molly Jackman claimed the jackpot ahead of William O Toole. The good news is Charleville AFC last one standing is coming back. All you have to do is select a different team to win in the Premier League each week. Closing date for entries is Saturday 30th January at 11am. If any of our members would like to help us promote this fundraiser please send us a message. A link to enter will be provide in a couple of days. Please share and thank you for your support. ... See MoreSee Less
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Charleville Afc
Big Super Sunday in the English Prem League today. Keep an eye out for our new Last Person Standing competition which will be starting the weekend of the 30th January, entry details coming next week. #numberone #lastonestanding ... See MoreSee Less
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Charleville Afc
We recently recieved the following letter from the Limerick Womens Soccer League looking for expressions of interest for teams to play in u17s and u19s league. As we have an u16's girls team this season it would be great for them to be able to carry on next season. However in order for there to be an u17s league for these girls there needs to be other teams to join the league, and as there are a number of u16s girls teams competing in the Limerick County Underage league this season we just wanted to make these and any other clubs aware of this opportunity so that their players can carry on playing next season and beyond and not be lost to the sport. ... See MoreSee Less
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